The Specs Make the Man

I am about 3 weeks into having glasses. I’ve mentally tried to accept the fact that despite my almost child-like curiosity and attitude at times, I’m getting old(er). It took me about 3 days and being exposed to several different environments before I was able to wear them without feeling like I was going to yodel groceries due to the depth perception issues with the bi-focals. They are inconvenient with all the adjusting, cleaning, and being aware of where they are at all times.

And I couldn’t be happier with them.

Just to put it in perspective, when the Doc asked me to read the lowest line I could naked, I read line 3 with a little effort. When he hit the right combo of lenses, I read line 8! But that’s not what’s making me really enjoy this. It’s the prop value. True or false, I’ve always seen myself as something of an intellectual. They help perpetuate that image. I’ve found myself busting out the vocabulary that I normally reserve for the select few that doesn’t give me a blank stare. They also seem to have a calming effect. I’ll get a catastrophic e-mail or phone call and I find myself pausing for a moment, adjusting the glasses and formulating my response. Groucho Marx and George Burns both agreed that the cigar was the perfect prop to use to give them time to think in between laughs to come up with their next line. So far, they have served me well in this regard.

So my review of the whole thing is I truly think it has advanced my life and I am in good company for having received them.


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