Pop Culture President

Here’s another oldie from just about a year ago. 44 % approval rating now last I checked and he’s just getting started.


I am honestly at a loss. Family members , friends who I trust and respect, most of Chicago…All are in a religious fervor about what is about to happen on Tuesday. All for a man who basically looks great on a magazine cover but lacks substance and experience. Just bumper sticker rhetoric. I can only hope that I’m wrong about all this, but I don’t think so. Out of all the people I am thinking of who worship this guy, I can’t think of any who are as versed in presidential history as I am. I think I’ve said all I can say about it since having come from a cult, I know that once something is ingrained in someone, something drastic has to happen to be knocked back into consciousness . I’m just going to hope I’m wrong to the extent that what’s about to happen does not effect me and my family directly.

You see, despite being financially tight to be sure in the past couple of years , I have been able to finance a car with zero down, landed a job with a huge salary increase, and have absolutely no risk of losing my house. Why ? Because I know that the only person you can rely on is yourself and hard work, focus, and smart decisions are the only way a person can get ahead in this country. Well, not the only way. Apparently, the voting public decided that the government will save them and look to Mr. Obama as the Moses to lead them to the promised land.

At this point, all I can do is sit back and watch as Rome burns since I don’t have a fiddle…


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